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April is the month for dreamers, for those who desire to turn their can'ts into cans and dreams into plans. If your looking for inspirational books, look no further than the ones we have here.

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Everything You Need to Know to Create a Bestselling Book
Top Tips for Self-Published Authors
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The Pakistan Conspiracy, A Novel of Espionage   12 Years a Slave


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    Francesca Salerno is the author of The Pakistan Conspiracy, a Novel of Espionage, published on Kindle in 2014, among other books.

    The charming and stylish Swiss-born wife of a European diplomat and an 18-year veteran of the travel industry, Francesca has has worked as a travel consultant and advisor in three European capitals and Los Angeles. Before her marriage, she managed a major worldwide tour guide operation based in London. After the birth of her first child in the mid-1990s, she realized that planning vacations for her friends and incentive travel opportunities for her husband's colleagues was more fun than work, and she quickly resumed her career.

    Francesca and her husband spent two years on an official posting in Tunis. Over a period of more than twenty years, she has traveled extensively in North Africa and the length and breadth of the Southern Mediterranean basin, lingering especially in her three favorite nations of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

    Francesca and her family apportion their time between a gracious, bucolic home nestled in the vineyards of Napa Valley, California, and an elegant duplex apartment in the Via Cola di Rienzo in Rome. They take advantage frequently of the standing offer of a family friend to make use of a lovely residence in Casablanca's exquisite Triangle d'Or, and they continue also to visit frequently the grande luxe hotels of Tunis and Algiers, capitals where they have friends and colleagues of long standing. Francesca is an ardent swimmer and snorkeler who much prefers the warm Med to the chilly Pacific.

    Everything You Need to Know to Create a Bestselling Book

    I love books. Probably too much for my own good. I've written three, edited several others and also had my fair share of success helping turn books into bestsellers (cumulatively, the books I've worked on or advised have sold well over five million copies).

    I know how hard authors work on their books and how far out of their element many are when it comes to doing the sales and marketing. So when I see someone doing it wrong, and giving bad advice, I do my best to help--even when they're not my clients.

    As authors, we're all trying to fight against obscurity and outside distractions, but it's a tough battle. Watching well-meaning authors follow in the footsteps of someone going in the wrong direction breaks my heart.

    Top Tips for Self-Published Authors

    "Write your books with the idea that no one will ever read them. This will allow you to take risks, worry less about following trends and conventions, and produce your best work." Hugh Howey

    "Know exactly what it was that made you start writing in the first place. Put it into one sentence and pin it to your wall and never get distracted from that, no matter how much temptation comes your way." Dan Holloway

    "Produce content. I see too many people thinking they’ll get lucky or they can promote themselves into success... Might as well play the lottery. It takes a lot less work and has the same odds. Those who will make a good career out of this are the ones who write a lot, run a solid business and are willing to take risks for the future." Bob Mayer

    "Write the next book! I've seen writers waste too much time planning Facebook parties and agonizing over price points and free giveaways. All of that is important, but the best thing you can do for yourself and your growing fan base is to write the next book. It's much easier to sell the third, fourth, fifth, sixth book, then the first or second... You have to prepare for the long haul... You're going to be selling your books for years, so spend time making them really good, and the readership will grow!" Barbara Freethy

    4 Tips for Marketing Your Book

    If you want people to read your book, you have to be more than a talented storyteller or researcher – you will need plenty of persistence, says Darlene Quinn, a 75-year-old award-winning novelist whose passion for the written word trumped her lucrative position as a top executive at the legendary Bullocks Wilshire department stores.

    “Sometimes an author has it easy; either they’re already a celebrity, or their name has been widely reported in a major public scandal – or both – but not even those criteria guarantee readership,” says Quinn, author of “Unpredictable Webs”, (, the newest in her stand-alone series of suspense-filled dramatic novels.

    “Many authors will tell you just don’t get into the book-writing business, because writing something that people will want to read is challenge enough. Then you face the daunting process of getting people to buy it!”

    She offers these tips for getting your book in front of the masses – and enticing them to buy it.

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