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"Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity." G.K. Chesterton

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10 Ways To Get More Book Sales
Six Tips to Bring Your Book Back from the Doldrums - Reading the Reader Tea Leaves
8 Ways To Sell More Books Like A Bestseller



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    RosaBella Bloom was born in Lvov, Ukraine an only child and grew up mostly in Toronto, Canada. She earned a B.A.A in Ryerson University, and spent many happy years volunteering with children.

    She has worked for many organizations in banking before deciding to write children's books. When not writing, she is often found cooking and spending time with friends and family. RosaBella is the author of Ruby ShinesBright and the Birthday cake.

    10 Ways To Get More Book Sales

    Here are 10 ways to get more sales to your Kindle books:

    1. Market your book on Goodreads, which is a social network of over 12 million book readers.

    Goodreads is responsible for more people finding out about books than Amazon:

    You have to take time to make relationships with people, get into groups, etc… so it’s a bit like gardening.

    After you put enough time into it, Goodreads readers will treat you like GOLD – giving you great reviews, giving you fantastic feedback, and sharing your book around the community.

    I personally have a 10 minute plan of attack I use for my pen names, where I spend 10 minutes each day to cultivate major sales.

    2. Optimize your keywords on Amazon.

    You know how sometimes when you start typing whatever you’re looking for on Amazon, it’ll start to fill out suggested keywords, like this? Read More

    Six Tips to Bring Your Book Back from the Doldrums - Reading the Reader Tea Leaves

    A few times each month, I’ll receive a plaintive email from an author asking me why their book isn’t selling better.

    It’s always tough to receive these emails, because I know behind the email is an author who’s feeling disappointed, or possibly depressed their years of effort have borne no fruit. The impossibly of answering such a question makes it all the tougher. There’s no one single magic bullet.

    Some of the authors who contact me are considering throwing in the towel. I always try to respond with some feedback that might set them on the right course, often by encouraging them to study the best practices of their fellow authors, as I chronicle in The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide and The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success. Sometimes my feedback is well-received, and other times they’re offended when I share opinions they don’t want to hear.

    The cold hard truth of the matter – which we advertise front and center in our account registration emails, the FAQ, the about us page, and in my free ebooks about e-publishing – is that most books don’t sell well. Period. Read More

    8 Ways To Sell More Books Like A Bestseller

    1.Write your masterpiece. You can use in Microsoft Word, or any other word processor.

    2. Get it right the first time. It’s best to format your books using Amazon’s quite strict ‘Formatting Guide’. I’d suggest hiring a typesetter on Fiverr if you don’t want to deal with those details. I know you’d have to pay someone, but it could be 6-8 hours of your time in order to get things the way Amazon requires while a Fiverr typesetter would do it in less time and you could use that time to work on your book marketing strategy. I paid my typesetter $50 to typeset a 150 page book for a client – so it’s not crazy expensive and God knows I wouldn’t want to be the one doing that work.

    3. Stop them in their tracks and COMMAND attention. You’ll want to create a cover that helps you sell more books. Here again, I found my designer on Fiverr, but you can also find great designers on Odesk, eLance or 99 Designs. Read More

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